Single Life » Preparing Myself

PathwaysPreparing for the vocation of a single life is not a singular action because life is one long preparation whether single or not.

It would not be quite right to say that every single person has a vocation to be single, in the sense of a lifelong commitment – and we must be careful in the way we talk about the single vocation and explicit preparation.

It would be best, perhaps, to say that the single life is a concrete vocation only when it has been chosen as a response to a sense of calling; or at least when it has been willingly accepted as a long-term way of life in response to circumstances.

You may be preparing to:

  • just to get on with life as best you can
  • start or continue your search for other vocations
  • try to overcome the struggle of coping being alone, especially if not out of choice

In all situations we know that God is there and prayer is there to help us.

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