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Preparing Myself

PathwaysNow is the time to prepare to be ready to undertake this commitment to the Diaconate. If the Bishop accepts you  a 3 – 4 year period of study for the Diaconate will commence - Much of the study will be in your own time with the support of a tutor plus gatherings at weekends. This time will also provide further opportunity with the diocese to support discernment for this vocation. In addition formation in the following areas:

  • spiritual,
  • human,
  • pastoral
  • academic.

As with each of these stages support is offered in many different ways and will need to take increasing responsibility for individual formation.

Studying for the Diaconate can be a time of great joy, companionship and opportunity. But it can also be a time of spiritual growth and that can often be experienced as painful, frustrating or infuriating.

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