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Discerning my Particular Vocation

What are the signs that God might be calling me to the Permanent Diaconate?

PathwaysThe permanent diaconate is open to both single and married men. If a married man is thinking about the permanent diaconate it is essential that he discerns this vocation with his wife, so that it is a decision made within the unity of one’s marriage. For the married man ordination to the diaconate is meant to grow out of and complement his marriage. These are just some signs that God might be calling you to the permanent diaconate, some of the ways that God might be guiding you in your life. It is the overall pattern that is important. The paragraphs about marriage obviously apply only to those who are married. If you are interested in finding out more about the permanent diaconate then talk to your parish priest or get in touch with the Director for Permanent Deacons in your home diocese.

A stable and supportive marriage. No marriage is perfect, but you and your wife must have a solid and supportive relationship. There are no major issues in your marriage that make it hard for you to communicate with each other or live your Catholic faith with integrity. You are able to make this decision about ordination together in a mature way. You both believe that the commitment to the diaconate, in the time of formation and in the ministry itself, will not be an unnecessary burden for your marriage and family, but rather an enrichment.

Fr Stephen Wang, How to Discover your Vocation, CTS

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Please also refer to 'Stop & Think' section there to assist in discernment.

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