Baptism » Offering Myself

PathwaysBy this time you may have already travelled a difficult and challenging road. There will have been doubts, fears and uncertainty - you have questioned yourself and others about whether you:-

  • do you really know that God loves you and has called you by name?
  • know God wants you to live out your life in response to that call to holiness and your baptism into God’s “chosen race, royal priesthood, holy nation”. (1 Pet 2:9)
  • want to respond generously to that call. discerning- lead a good Christian life

Still if the call is there then you may be ready now to offer yourself to God through the vocation of baptism.

Becoming a Catholic is not just a matter of learning and accepting a number of beliefs, it involves personal growth. To be a full member of the Catholic Church you need to complete the process of Christian Initiation which is when you have been Baptised, Confirmed and made your First Holy Communion.

The Rite of Initiation is the first step in formally offering yourself for baptism.  

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