How can I help as someone with the same vocation?

 When discerning any vocation it is important that you do not need to do it entirely on your own. In fact the process is likely to be enriched with wider objectivity and thought. Sometimes others might see things that we have overlooked.

For each of the “particular vocations”, there are opportunities to offer your support to others called to the same vocation. One of the most important ways is by witnessing to your vocation and to the joy that it brings you.

Another way is by getting involved in discernment or preparation groups. Lay people can speak to parish priests about participation in preparation for those wishing to find out more about the Church. Married couples, for example, might consider speaking to their parish priest about helping run marriage preparation courses. If there are priests or religious who wish to take part in vocations awareness days or discernment groups in the Portsmouth Diocese, please contact Fr Mark Hogan by emailing here.

Each one of us can help others with the same vocation by praying for them, whether in Portsmouth diocese and further afield.